T Series PTO Shaft


PTO Drive Shafts
Our PTO drive shafts are designed to meet specific requirements with the most economical design.
Supplying a global market, Weasler can provide PTO drive shaft options in both North American and Metric.
With these two styles We has a complete offering of standard and wide angle PTO drive shafts, with many design options including telescoping, high speed, double telescoping.Complete Driveline with Quick Disconnect Yokes.
Minimum C-to-C Length: 41″ (1035 mm),
Maximum C-to-C Length: 62″ (1560 mm), Total
Collapsed Length: 48″ (1230 mm).
Tractor end: 1-3/8″ – 6 Spline.
Implement end: 1-3/8″ – 6 Spline.
Series: 100. Category 3 (35 hp).
Fits Finishing Mowers. •
It may be necessary to cut this driveline to length. Verify the length by ensuring that
sufficient overlap of the drive tubes exists in all working positions without the possibility of bottoming out.